Camping for seniors: tips for a camping holiday in nature

Camping für Senioren: Tipps für einen Campingurlaub in der Natur

The older you get, the more you want a vacation without effort and without stress. In the following, we will explain why camping is a popular form of holiday for seniors and what tips we can give you for a relaxing holiday.

Camping for seniors - comfort should come first

Camping 60 plus – take a relaxing holiday

Camping is not only enjoying increasing popularity among young adults. Even in old age, this type of holiday is a wonderful way to enjoy nature and to find relaxation in your own four walls - because in contrast to all-inclusive holidays, camping still has something of your own home. But what other things make camping so attractive besides self-determination?

What are the benefits of camping for seniors?

Apart from the self-determination and closeness to nature that camping brings with it, it offers other advantages for seniors:

Camping in a mobile home offers many advantages for people over 50

Enjoy conviviality and tranquility in equal measure

Camping is the perfect holiday that combines togetherness and conviviality. On a campsite you can always make friends and make new contacts, so that older people feel less alone. And if you don't feel like social interaction, you can quickly retreat to your mobile home and enjoy the peace and quiet.

The mix of conviviality and privacy is therefore a nice advantage on campsites.

High comfort with the camper or mobile home

Anyone who associates camping with tents and uncomfortable sleeping bags is mistaken. With a camper or a mobile home you can enjoy a high level of comfort. The advantage of having your own toilet, your own shower and a shared sleeping, dining and living area also offers seniors optimal comfort.

Dry separating toilets such as the BOXIO toilet , for example, are suitable for your own sanitary equipment , as they are easy to use and take up little or hardly any space. This saves you the longer way to the sanitary facilities on the campsite.

Age-appropriate campsites

Campsites are well equipped these days so that every age group can feel comfortable. In Germany in particular, there are barrier-free parking spaces for seniors that are located by the sea or in the mountains.

Medical care is also taken care of in most cases. Instead of having to worry about your own health, you can start the journey completely relaxed.

Stress-free arrival and departure

Stress-free is exactly the keyword here: Another advantage that comes with senior citizen camping is the independent way of arriving and departing . No fixed arrival time, any number of breaks and the spontaneous selection of the destination awaken a pleasant feeling of freedom right from the start of the holiday. After all, as you get older you want to take things a little easier – camping offers young and old pure relaxation.

Tips for camping holidays for seniors

So that the time with your partner is as relaxed as possible, you should consider a few things when camping for or with seniors 50 plus:

1. The right camping equipment

The older you get, the more convenience plays an important role. Accordingly, the camping equipment should not be too heavy : bulky parts are more of a burden than a pleasure, and the number of individual parts should be as small as possible. The simplest solution is a mobile home. The dry separating toilet or the mobile washbasin from BOXIO are also light as a feather to transport and ensure good hygiene and comfort during the camping trip.

The BOXIO sink is one of many portable hygiene options for camping in nature

2. Pay attention to health fitness

Physical fitness also decreases with age. It is therefore important that the activities on a camping holiday are always adapted to your own fitness . Camping often requires physical exertion, such as pitching the tent or hiking to various locations around the campsite, such as toilet and shower facilities. At least the latter can be successfully saved with BOXIO .

3. Select an accessible campsite

Another tip for a camping holiday for pensioners: is to choose a barrier-free campsite. We recommend looking for terms such as “ barrier-free ” or “ well developedwhen searching for offers . If you don't want to worry about any of these things, you can use the mobile washbasin and the compact BOXIO toilet. So you can enjoy your camping holiday even more stress-free and have a larger selection of campsites.

Campsites for seniors should be barrier-free

Camping offers for seniors: The best campsites

Which camping destinations are the best for seniors? Germany is considered one of the most popular camping destinations for people of all ages and is a big step ahead of other destinations thanks to its varied scenery. No wonder: whether mountains or sea, hiking or strolling on the beach - seniors are spoiled for choice here. With almost 3,000 campsites, there is something for everyone, as our survey shows. At this point we would like to warmly recommend the following campsites for seniors:

Alpenblick campsite in the Allgäu

This campsite offers a magnificent view of the Alps and is located near hiking trails. There are barrier-free sanitary facilities and the parking spaces are level and easily accessible for seniors.

Havelberge campsite in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania

This destination has a wonderful location: this course is located on the shore of Lake Müritz and offers a quiet and relaxing environment. There are barrier-free sanitary facilities and the site is also wheelchair accessible.

Campsite Amrum in Schleswig-Holstein

Camping Amrum is located directly on the beach and offers a relaxed atmosphere. Here you can enjoy the sound of the sea and the pleasant air. Barrier-free access to the beach is also available.

It doesn't matter where: luxury camping with BOXIO

The BOXIO dry toilet is the perfect camping utensil for seniors

As previously mentioned, camping for seniors comes with a few challenges. However, even small adjustments can save a lot of stress and effort. Senior camping requires one thing above all else: comfort .

Well-being usually begins with privacy and thus with access to the toilet and washing facilities. BOXIO is the mobile toilet for camping and, thanks to its easy handling and many advantages, provides a very special luxury:

No water consumption

Because it is a dry toilet, no water is required to flush waste, contributing to significant water savings.

Odor neutrality

The BOXIO separation toilet has an odor trap that prevents unpleasant odors and ensures a pleasant user experience.

easy installation

BOXIO's dry toilet is easy to install and can be assembled within 30 minutes without any special knowledge or tools.

environmental friendliness

No water consumption, no chemical cleaning agents - BOXIO is absolutely environmentally friendly. In addition, the waste can be used as fertilizer for plants, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers.


The BOXIO dry toilets can be placed almost anywhere because they do not need to be connected to a sewage system. They are therefore well suited for campsites, your own garden shed or other places without a sewage connection.

Camping for seniors - off to an adventure

Camping as a holiday for seniors is becoming increasingly popular and is a good change from organized all-inclusive holidays. And if the above tips for travel planning are followed, nothing stands in the way of a relaxing holiday.

Discover our BOXIO products now for a relaxed senior vacation!

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