Cosy garden shed: 6 important tips on design and equipment

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A garden shed is not only a practical place to store garden tools and utensils, but can also become a cozy retreat in your own garden. With the right design and furnishings, the garden shed becomes a place to relax and unwind. In this article, we show you how to design your garden shed simply and stylishly.

1. planning and design: a garden shed tailored to your needs

Before you dive into the design and construction of your garden shed, it is essential to carry out thorough planning. Here are some steps you should consider:

  1. Choose a location: Investigate your garden and find a suitable spot for your garden shed. Make sure it is well lit and has enough space for access and any extensions such as patios or paths.
  2. Determine the purpose: Think about what you want to use the garden shed for. Should it only be used as storage space or do you also want to spend time in it? These considerations will influence the size, fittings and design of the shed.
  3. Determine the design: Sketch out your ideas and visions for the garden shed. Think about your preferred style and how you want the shed to be integrated into your garden. Look for inspiration in magazines, on the internet or from friends and acquaintances.
  4. Plan the dimensions: Measure the available space in the garden and determine the dimensions for the garden shed. Also take into account the space required for any extensions such as patios or canopies.
  5. Select materials: Decide on suitable building materials for your garden shed. Wood is classic and goes well with a natural garden ambience, while metal or plastic can offer a more modern look.
  6. Calculate the costs: Calculate the cost of building and equipping the garden shed. Take into account not only the material costs, but also any additional costs such as transportation, tools and tradesmen's services.
  7. Create a schedule: Create a schedule for the construction of your garden shed. Plan realistically and take into account any delays in the construction process. Set milestones and work on the implementation of your project step by step.

2 Materials and construction method: The right choice for your garden shed

There are a few important considerations to bear in mind when choosing the materials and construction method for your garden shed:

  1. Select wood: Opt for high-quality wood that is suitable for outdoor use.Treated or impregnated wood offers additional protection against the weather and pest infestation. Also consider the appearance and durability of the wood when making your choice.
  2. Check the metal: If you opt for a metal garden shed, choose materials such as aluminium or galvanized sheet steel, which are rust-resistant and durable. Make sure that the construction is stable and well-made to ensure a long service life.
  3. Consider plastic: Plastic sheds are a practical and cost-effective option for the garden. Make sure you choose high-quality UV-resistant plastic that will not fade or become brittle in the sun. Check the stability and assembly instructions of the plastic shed to make sure it meets the requirements.
  4. Consider a prefabricated kit: If you have little experience in the building trade or simply want to save time, a prefabricated kit is a good option. Choose a kit that meets your requirements and expectations and follow the assembly instructions carefully to build a safe and sturdy garden shed.

3. furnishings and equipment: make your garden shed cozy and functional

To make your garden shed a cozy retreat, the furnishings and equipment are of great importance. Here are some detailed tips on how to furnish your garden shed:

1. basic furnishings:

  • Comfortable seating: start with comfortable seating, such as a garden chair, bench or settee. Choose furniture that is weather-resistant and blends in well with the surroundings of the garden shed.
  • Table: A small table is practical for storing drinks, snacks or garden tools. Choose a table that is not too big and is made of weather-resistant material.
  • Storage space: Create storage space for garden tools, tools and other utensils to keep the garden shed tidy. Shelves, cupboards or storage boxes are suitable for this.

2. decorative elements:

  • Plants: Bring your garden shed to life with plants. Choose low-maintenance houseplants or hang hanging baskets to improve the indoor climate and create a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Pictures and posters: Decorate the walls with pictures, posters or wall decorations that reflect your personal taste. Landscape pictures, floral motifs or DIY artwork are popular options.
  • Carpets: Add warmth and coziness to the garden shed floor with rugs or outdoor carpets. Choose hard-wearing materials that are easy to clean and suitable for outdoor use.

3. additional furnishings:

  • Lighting: Create atmospheric lighting in the garden shed with solar lamps, LED fairy lights or wall lamps. These not only create a pleasant atmosphere, but also ensure safety in the dark.
  • Heating: If you also want to use your garden shed in cooler seasons, a mobile heater or patio heater can ensure pleasant temperatures. Make sure that the heating source is safe and suitable for indoor use.
  • Outdoor kitchen: If you enjoy cooking and barbecuing in the garden, you can integrate an outdoor kitchen with barbecue, hotplate and sink into your garden shed. The Boxio sink can also be part of this outdoor kitchen and offer additional convenience.

4. environmentally friendly alternative for your garden shed: The Boxio dry separation toilet

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly and space-saving solution for your garden shed, the Boxio dry separation toilet is the perfect choice. These toilets separate urine and solids, which not only leads to efficient composting, but also minimizes odours. Here are some reasons why the Boxio dry separation toilet is an excellent choice for your garden shed:

1. regional product made from recycled plastic:

The Boxio dry separation toilet is made from recycled plastic, which not only helps to reduce waste, but also reduces the environmental impact of producing new materials. By using regional, recycled plastic, you also support the local economy and contribute to sustainability.

2. environmentally friendly alternative to chemical toilets:

Unlike conventional chemical toilets, which use harmful chemicals and can be a burden on the environment, the Boxio dry separation toilet is an environmentally friendly alternative. It requires neither water nor chemicals to operate and therefore contributes to a smaller ecological footprint.

3. practical design and easy installation:

The Boxio dry separation toilet is designed in the perfect Eurobox format and, measuring 400 x 300 x 280 mm (L x W x H with lid), fits in almost any garden shed, motorhome or car. It has a hygienic solid waste container with a capacity of around 5.7 liters and a
leak-proof urine canister with a capacity of 5 liters. The toilet is easy to install and requires no water or sewer connections.

4. efficient use and accessories:

The Boxio dry urine-diverting toilet has space for around 8-10 toilet visits, making it suitable for longer stays in the garden shed. The accessories include compostable bags and litter for the solids, enabling clean and hygienic disposal. Thanks to its space-saving design and environmentally friendly features, the Boxio dry separation toilet is the ideal solution for your garden shed, especially if there is no connection to the sewage system.

5. flexible and practical washbasin for your garden shed: The mobile solution from Boxio-Wash

A washbasin is an indispensable element for your garden shed, allowing you to wash your hands after gardening or tinkering without having to go indoors. The mobile solution from Boxio Wash offers a number of advantages:

1. pure flexibility: the mobile washbasin is easy to transport and can be used anywhere. Its compact Eurobox format (400 x 300 x 280 mm) allows you to easily place it in your garden shed or even take it with you on the go.

2. no electricity, no problem: with a simple hand pump, your washbasin is always ready for use, independent of a power source. This ensures reliable operation without having to worry about dead batteries or recharging.

3. Everything you need for immediate use: The scope of delivery includes a pump, tap, tank and seals - everything you need for your garden sink. You don't have to lay any additional water pipes or cables, as the mobile sink is completely ready for use.

4. robust construction and economical water consumption: The mobile sink not only impresses with its stylish design, but also with its robust construction and economical water consumption. With a capacity of 5 liters for fresh water and 5 liters for waste water, it is the perfect choice for anyone who values mobility and functionality.

5 Versatile application possibilities: The Boxio Wash is your reliable partner, whether in the garden, when camping, for tradesmen, at mobile sales stands or in crisis situations. It offers a practical solution for various requirements and is always ready for use when you need it.

6. decoration and personal touch: make your garden shed your own personal retreat

Once the basic furnishings and equipment of your garden shed are complete, it's time for the creative part: decorating and adding personal details. Here are some ideas on how to make your garden shed cozy and inviting:

1. shelving and storage: hang shelves for books, decorative items and garden tools to make functional use of the space while adding decorative touches.

2. cozy textiles: decorate with cozy pillows, blankets and rugs to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Choose colors and patterns that match your personal style and create a cozy mood.

3. Atmospheric lighting: Use candles, solar lights or LED fairy lights to create atmospheric lighting. Especially in the evening, warm light sources give your garden shed a romantic atmosphere.

4. Green oasis: Bring your garden shed to life with your favorite plants. Hang hanging baskets, place flower pots on shelves or windowsills and create a green oasis that radiates calm and freshness.

5. Personal touch: Hang pictures, photo collages or posters on the walls to give the room your own personal touch. Remember beautiful moments in the garden or trips and create an individual atmosphere.


A garden shed not only offers practical storage space for garden tools, but also an oasis of relaxation in your own garden. With careful planning and design, you can give your shed a personal touch and make it an inviting place that can be used all year round. If you're looking for more specific DIY tips for your garden design, take a look here: Here

We hope you enjoy planning and implementing your garden shed.

Your Boxio team

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